September 8 – 10, 2018 Incidents


A 35 year old male is facing charges related to a domestic occurrence that was reported on Sunday morning. The victim reported being assaulted throughout their relationship, which led to the arrest of the accused. The accused has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Conditional Sentence Breach

A 57 year old male that was on a conditional sentence order for a domestic related offence was arrested for breaching that order. The accused had been observed away from his residence contrary to his conditions. He has been arrested and held in custody.



On Saturday evening officers observed a 33 year old male that had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The accused had been previously arrested for possession of property obtained by crime and released with a court date and print date. The accused failed to attend for the print date as required and a warrant of arrest was issued.


Disturb the Peace

A 23 year old male was arrested Saturday night after several calls for an intoxicated male on Laurier Blvd. It was reported that the male was yelling, screaming and trying to start altercations. He was arrested and held in custody until sober.