Suspicious Activity

At Approximately 07h30 this morning, a young female was walking southbound on Kensington Parkway. She was approached by a male in a small red crossover SUV. The male stopped and asked the female if she wanted a ride to school. The male driver is described as in his 50s with grey hair, thin on top.

A woman walking her dog at the nearby grassy field attended and spoke with the female after the car took off southbound.

We would like to speak to the woman walking the dog as well as the male driving the SUV.

Please contact Constable Dave JEGGO at 613-342-0127.

What to do if you lose your wallet!

The following link will provide you with information should you lose your wallet and identification. Service Canada is a great resource to help you through the difficult task of obtaining new documentation. Do you need to carry your SIN card, birth birth certificate and other important paperwork with you at all times?

UPDATE: Missing Person

The Brockville Police Service were contacted at approximately 1:30 pm by family members of Judith Culic. They had been searching areas that were known to Judith. With sympathy we report that she was deceased when located. Our condolences go out to the family.

We are continuing our investigation and at this time have no reason to suspect foul play. Information will be provided as it becomes available.


The Brockville Police would like to remind people to be extremely cautious when dealing on-line. Transactions can include the purchasing of items, the sale of items or employment requests. These deals often appear to be promising but are a scam.

Some ways to ensure you do not become a victim:

Telephone Computer Repair Scam

The Brockville Police Service would like to remind people that anyone contacting you via telephone in order to assist in repairing your computer is trying to scam you. The Province is experiencing a high volume of these calls and some people are being taken by them. Please do not allow anyone you do not know to have remote access to your computer. Once they are in your computer they have access to your information.

Railway Crossings

The Centennial Road railway crossing had a malfunction causing one arm to remain lowered the other raised. Crews were quick to arrive and repair the issue. Thanks to the people who reported this as we are able to quickly notify the appropriate agency to repair it.

Computer Scam

The Brockville Police would like to remind people to ensure they are aware of who they are obtaining services from particular on the internet. Companies who contact you advising that you have a problem with your computer are committing a fraud. Please do not allow them access to your computer or provide them with any money. This scam is prevalent around the world and we have had victims of this scam in Brockville.

Selective Traffic Enforcement

The Brockville Police Service will be dedicating the month of March to seatbelts with their STEP program. Increased education and enforcement relating to seatbelts can be expected for the month of March. Offences relating to seatbelts carry a 110.00 fine. Be Safe!