Canada Day Weekend

The Brockville Police Service responded to 158 calls for service over the weekend. Calls ranged from domestic disputes to animals being left in vehicles. Several theft from motor vehicles were reported from around the City and a 19 year old and 13 year old male were arrested for going through numerous vehicles. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle and ensure you lock your doors. This is a crime of opportunity so don

Computer Scam

The Brockville Police would like to remind people that callers asking you to allow them to sign in to your computer are scamming you. If you receive a call and the caller advises you that you have a problem with your computer ask yourself the following 1) How does the caller know I have a computer and 2) How do they know there is a problem. The caller is then going to offer to fix your computer and ask you to do several things in order to allow them to remotely access your computer. Once inside your computer they are going to locate as much personal information about you and hopefully steal your identity or access your banking information. Their purpose is to steal your money. The caller is then going to ask you for your credit card so they can charge the 100 dollar fee for their service. If you do not cancel your credit card they will start making purchases on that card until you notice. If this occurs contact your bank immediately and tell them to cancel your card and lock down your bank account. Knowledge is Power, Don

Darcy Holden – Charges

Darcy Holden – Charges

As reported yesterday, 19 year old Darcy Holden of No fixed address in Brockville was arrested and charged for a series of events over this past weekend. The list of charges is as follows:

Tall Ships / Wine and Food /Jazz Festival

The Brockville Police Service responded to 121 calls for service during the weekend. Fortunately there were no major issues and traffic/parking issues dominated the weekend. The weekend can be considered a huge success.

Tall Ships Festival

The Brockville Police would like to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. There are many activities going on including the Tall ships and the Beer and Wine Festival. As a result we are going to observe an influx of people in our community. Some tips to help over the weekend:


The Brockville Police have received more reports of scams via internet sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji. The public is warned that entering into an agreement on such sites and sending money is a risk. People are encouraged to ensure what they are paying for is what they are ordering. It is very difficult to investigate these matters as the internet offers anonymity.

Mystery Shopper Fraud

The Brockville Police Service has received reports of cheques being received in the mail for mystery shopping. Residents are to be reminded that if a deal appears to good to be true, then it probably is! In most cases the company will make contact and advise they made a mistake on the cheque and ask you to return a portion of the monies. When you send them money their cheque never clears and you are now a victim. Be vigilant!

Suspicious Activity

At Approximately 07h30 this morning, a young female was walking southbound on Kensington Parkway. She was approached by a male in a small red crossover SUV. The male stopped and asked the female if she wanted a ride to school. The male driver is described as in his 50s with grey hair, thin on top.

A woman walking her dog at the nearby grassy field attended and spoke with the female after the car took off southbound.

We would like to speak to the woman walking the dog as well as the male driving the SUV.

Please contact Constable Dave JEGGO at 613-342-0127.