A male subject attended 32 Wall Street to attend Provincial Offences Court on January 22, 2014. A Brockville Police Special Constable recognized the subject and was aware that there was a warrant for the subject


On January 22, 2014 at 7:15 am a King Street West landlord received an emergency call from one of his tenants that water was running out of the ceiling into his unit. The landlord attended to investigate and found that there was a significant water leak in the bathroom of a third floor unit. Water was causing damage to that unit and the two below. Since it was an emergency the landlord entered the third floor unit to do repairs although the tenants were not happy with his decision. A 23 year old male tenant assaulted the landlord by punching and head butting him. A sink was also broke in the scuffle. Police were notified and attended. It was learned that the suspect was already on bail conditions. The Brockville man has been arrested and charged for assault and breach of his bail conditions. He was held in custody to appear at a bail hearing on January 22, 2014.

Police Launch New Crime Mapping Tool

We have just launched a new crime mapping tool that is publicly available at www.brockvillepolice.com.

This new website (CrimePlot.com) is owned and managed by the Midland Police Service and was developed by S/Constable Bill Gordon, the service’s IT Manager. The concept is to allow citizens of Brockville to visualize criminal activity and police calls for service in and around the community. The site is built to be mobile-device friendly, so it should work on your smartphones and tablets as well as your desktop computers.

The mapping data is an extract from our master database and only contains incidents that meet public disclosure eligibility. We won’t provide detailed locations for any specific incident and the co-ordinates have a margin of error induced to help anonymize the visualizations. This means that the incident you see on the map did not occur at the exact pinpoint of the icon.

Incident classifications that could lead to the identity of a victim have not been included on this map. You won’t find incidents for sudden deaths (natural causes), suicides, suicide attempts, mental health issues, domestic violence, child abuse etc…
Since we only show a subset of our data you cannot expect that the number of mapped incidents (aka occurrences) that are visible are a true reflection of how many incidents are actually on file for the day(s) or time range you selected.

The tool is new, there might be the odd bug, but it is ready for public trials. Please try it out and let us know what you think. Visit often since we will be updating the data regularly and adding features that you might find useful.

We hope that you find this new tool both useful and insightful. You may be surprised to learn what is happening in your community. Sharing this with our community just makes sense.

Thank you to Bill Gordon, Chief Mike Osborne and the Midland Police Service for making this tool available.

Impaired Driving

On January 19, 2014 shortly before 1:10 am Brockville Police observed a Chevy Cruze being driven northbound on Buell Street. The vehicle continued eastbound on Pearl Street West then north bound on William Street. The vehicle was travelling at speeds higher than the 50 KPH limit and was weaving in and out of marked traffic lanes. Police stopped the vehicle on Stewart Boulevard and determined that the driver was a 48 year old male from Kemptville. Investigation revealed that the driver had been drinking so was arrested and charged with impaired driving.


On January 20, 2014 a 23 year old male prisoner was being held for a bail hearing at the Brockville Court, 41 Court House Square. At 2:15 pm he was able to reach and break off the sprinkler head located in his holding cell setting off the alarm. Brockville Fire Department responded to the alarm. The prisoner has been charged with mischief and breach of his bail conditions from previous criminal charges.


On January 20, 2014 at 1:20 am Executive Taxi picked up a female fare on King Street West and took her to the 1000 Islands Mall as requested. Once at the mall the female refused to pay the driver and police were notified. The female was in an intoxicated state and continued to refuse payment to the driver. The 35 year old Brockville woman was also found to be on probation, the result of several fraud convictions. Police arrested and charged her with transportation fraud and breach of probation. She was held in custody until sober.

Stolen Vehicle

On January 18, 2014 Brockville Police took a complaint from a male victim that his 2005 vehicle had been stolen from his Apple Street residence. At that time he alleged that the suspect was a female friend that had been visiting him. At 1:39 am on January 19 Brockville Police stopped the stolen vehicle on Central Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was indeed the victim

Bail Violation

On January 17, 2014 at 8:39 pm Brockville Police investigated a Brockville man as the result of a traffic stop at Kensington Parkway. It was determined that the subject had been charged with numerous criminal offences in December of 2013 and was out of custody awaiting future court appearances. One of his bail conditions was a curfew, not to be out of his residence between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am. The 23 year old male was subsequently arrested and charged with breaching his bail conditions. He was held in custody to appear in bail court on Monday January 20, 2014.