Community Messages

  • Fraud Tip – Phishing Scam

    Fraud Tip – Phishing Scam

    Phishing Scam The word phishing comes from the analogy that Internet scammers are using email lures to ‘fish’ for passwords and financial data from the sea of Internet users. Phishing, also called “brand spoofing”; is the creation of email messages …
  • March is Fraud Prevention Month

    March is Fraud Prevention Month

    March is Fraud prevention month and the Brockville Police would like to advise the public of reports we have received this month of fraudulent schemes which have been reported: Canada Revenue Agency scam is back. Brockville Police are again receiving …
  • Winter Safety

    Winter Safety

    Children will be out of school soon for Christmas break.  Ice thickness is not where it needs to be for walking and other activities.  The recent snow can provide a false sense of security. Please stay off the ice, recent …

Police Reports

  • April 12, 2017 Incidents

    Motor Vehicle Collisions Yesterday afternoon between 2pm and 2:30pm seemed to be an unlucky time to be on roads in the City of Brockville as officers responded to 3 separate …
  • April 11 – 12, 2017 Incidents

    Warrants Executed at Court A 17 year old Brockville youth and a 21 year old male surrendered themselves to police at Brockville Court yesterday after learning there were outstanding warrants …
  • April 10, 2017 Incidents

    Community Outreach Program The Brockville Police and our area Community Mental Health Agencies were out yesterday conducting proactive checks on members of the community at risk. This program has a …

2017 Budget

I hope you will take a few moments to review the Brockville Police Service 2017 Budget. 

As many are aware, the cost of policing is an issue across Canada.  As municipalities struggle with increased costs in virtually all areas of operation, policing becomes a primary focus.  There are many reasons associated to the costs of policing.  First and foremost is 24 hour service.  As one of the few remaining 24 hour services provided in the City of Brockville we appear expensive when compared to other services.  The fact is that we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we never close.  As indicated in past years we have also taken on the role of services that have diminished or have diminished capacity after 5 pm and on weekends.  We become the catch-all for the community of Brockville.  Our focus on youth and the aging population are a couple of community suited needs.  We work with the community, identify what the community wants and implement a program in response.   

Our challenge to you is to review the budget, then review the services provided by the Brockville Police Service.  We think you will be impressed.  Thanks for checking out our website and our 2017 Budget Presentation

Be safe!