The Court Service Bureau is located at 41 Court House Square, Brockville, Ontario.  This section of the Brockville Police Service is under the command of a civilian Special Constable – Supervisor who is accountable to the Staff Sergeant – Support Services.  The courthouse is also staffed with a Police Officer and Special Constables.

The primary functions of the Court Service Bureau are:

  1. Maintain the security of the court rooms and public areas within the court buildings
  2. Transportation of prisoners (adults and youth) between detention centres and the courthouse, as required by the judicial process
  3. Search and secure prisoners and supervise them while they attend court for their appearance
  4. Present evidence via testimony at bail hearings
  5. Subpoena and Summons service
  6. Swear Court Informations and subpoenas electronically, before a Justice of the Peace
  7. Execute warrants that are outstanding on prisoners appearing before the court
  8. Release prisoners once documents are signed by the Judge or Justice of the Peace
  9. Take court ordered DNA sample/ endorsements and complete all associated documentation pursuant to the DNA Identification Act
  10. Respond to duress alarms in the courts and chambers