February 15 – 16, 2018 Incidents

Suspicious Persons

The Brockville Police Service has a received a complaint of a suspicious person attempting to solicit funds for a “kids hockey team that play on the west end rink.” The suspect was attending residences in attempts to solicit these funds. There are not any fundraising efforts that we are aware of at this time. Please contact our service if you have any concerns about door to door sales persons.

Our by-law states that:

2.1 Every transient trader or door to door sales/service person operating

within the City of Brockville shall obtain a license from the Clerk of

the Corporation before selling or offering for sale any goods, wares,

merchandise, or services within the City of Brockville.


2.2 Every transient trader or door to door sales/service person shall at all

times while carrying on business have a copy of the license issued by

the Corporation, and in the case of a transient trader operating from

a particular place, a copy of a statement in writing from the property

owner, and shall upon demand exhibit the documentation to any

Municipal or Police Officer.


Theft from Cars

The Brockville Police have received several reports of vehicles being entered on Butterfield Place, Weston Cr. And First Ave. These incidents occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Most of the vehicles entered were left unlocked.



A 24 year old male turned himself into police for his outstanding warrant. He was arrested and then released with a new court date.


Suspicious Person

The behaviour of a 35 year old male attracted the attention of hotel staff in the city’s north end. Police attended and located the suspect who was arrested for breaching his probation for being in possession of electronic devices contrary to his conditions. During the arrest he became assaultive with police.   He now faces charges of resisting arrest and breach of probation.

February 14 – 15, 2018 Incidents

Jail Assault
A correctional officer was assaulted while on duty by an inmate spitting in his face.  The 25 year old inmate has been charged with assaulting a peace officer and breach of probation.

Court staff arrested 27 year old Gananoque resident on his outstanding arrest warrant out Kingston when he attended court for another matter.  The 27 year old was turned over to Kingston Police.

Public Intoxication
At 8:00pm a 23 year old male attracted the attention of staff at a Buell St. business when he was discovered sleeping with a bottle of alcohol beside him.  The Brockville Police attended and arrested the male for public intoxication. The officers attempted to find family to look after the male, but were unsuccessful.

He was release when sober.

A 28 year old male was arrested on warrants from both the OPP and Kingston Police last night around 10:00pm.

Police responded to a complaint of an “unwanted guest” at a Brock St. residence. The male, as others have, attempted to hide his identity by providing a false name. When his true identity was discovered he was arrested on the strength of the warrants and obstructing a peace officer. A search incident to arrest led to further charges of carrying a concealed weapon.


February 13 – 14, 2018 Incidents

Search Warrant

As a result of the search warrant conducted yesterday at 78 Buell St., the following charges have been laid:

  1. A 36 year old female was arrested on multiple outstanding warrants.
  2. A 36 year old male and 35 year old female are facing drug related charges.
  3. Another male and female in the residence were released without charges.

Search Warrant

Brockville’s Intelligence Unit along with members of the Emergency Response Team conducted a second search warrant at an apartment on Kyle Court. Officers executed the warrant in the afternoon on Tuesday and located a female inside the residence that was wanted on several warrants from neighbouring agencies. She was held in custody and turned over to the OPP. In relation to that warrant a local 40 year old male was arrested on weapon offences from a previous incident within the city. He was observed by officers prior to the execution of the warrant and arrested. He has been held for bail facing charges of mischief and delivering a noxious substance.


Bail violations

A 21 year old male was arrested for breaching his previous release conditions by communicating with someone that he was prohibited to communicate with. He was held for a bail hearing.


Motor Vehicle Accident/Personation

Officers investigating a traffic accident at 1:00 pm yesterday ended up charging a 28 year old female criminally after she tried to hide her identity as she believed she was under a suspension not to drive a motor vehicle. The officer discovered her true identity she was arrested personation. She now faces a criminal code charge as well as a charge under the Highway Traffic Act for a turn not in safety. The female was not a suspended driver as she had believed.



At 2:00 pm yesterday police were called to a King St. residence in response to a domestic dispute. Officers ended up arresting a 25 year old male and charging him with breaching his probation along with and resisting arrest. He was further charged with threatening a police officer. He has been held for bail.

February 12 – 13, 2018 Incidents

Vehicle Stop: 2018/02/12 16:00

While on routine patrol a Brockville Police officer conducted a traffic stop on Front Ave. The officer recognized that the driver was prohibited from driving a motor vehicle. There were three occupants of the vehicle. The driver was arrested and found to be in possession a concealed weapon (dog repellant) and crystal methamphetamine. He was currently on conditions from previous charges not to communicate with one of the passengers. The rear passenger of the vehicle was also arrested as he had warrants for his arrest. All parties were released with future court dates.   The vehicle was impounded for 7 days.


Warrants: 2018/02/12 17:45

A 25 year old male turned himself in to the Brockville Police Service on Monday for his outstanding warrant. He was released later that day with a new court date.


Domestic: 2018/02/12 21:40

Police investigated a domestic dispute on Monday. As a result of their investigations a 21 year old male was arrested and charged for mischief. He was later released with a future court date.


Drugs/warrants: 2018/02/12 15:00

An alert court officer observed a female known to him in the lobby of the court building. The officer was holding an arrest warrant for this female in his hand at the time of his observation. She was arrested at the scene. A search incident to her arrest led to further charges of possession of a controlled substance. She was held for a bail hearing.


Warrants: 2018/02/13 09:00

Members the Brockville Police Service executed a search warrant at 78 Buell St. under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. At this time I can say that drugs were discovered and 5 people were arrested. The investigation is not yet complete. There will be more details tomorrow.


February 9 – 11, 2018 Incidents

Taxi Fraud

Saturday at 1:00 pm – A local cab company attended the Brockville Police Service as they had a passenger on board that did not have the funds to pay. The subject, who has a history of this behaviour was charged with transportation fraud and breach of probation.

Theft of donation box

On the 26th of January the Brockville Police Service investigated a theft of a donation box at the library. With the security footage provided officers were able to identify the suspect. Officers responding to a north end suspicious persons call on the 9th of February realized that the person they were talking to was the subject from the theft incident. A 26 year old local resident was then arrested for theft. A search incident to arrest led to further charges for possession of a quantity of crack cocaine and break and enter tools.

Bail violations

Friday February 9th, a 29 year old male was arrested for failing to comply with his bail conditions. The male was on conditions to report to the Brockville Police Service which he failed to do.


February 9 – 9:00 pm – Brockville’s Emergency Response team was called in to assist with an arrest on Friday night. While on routine patrol an officer saw a subject in a window of an apartment and recognized the local 33 year old resident . That male was wanted on outstanding charges for flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, utter a forged document, possession of property obtained by crime and various Highway Traffic Act offences. Several other agencies also had outstanding warrants for the male. Officers attended and spoke with a resident of the apartment who refused to admit that the suspect was inside and refused the officers entry. Patrol officers set up containment on the residence and waited for the warrant to be issued. The emergency response team took over containment and while on scene the suspect surrendered to police. He has been held in custody for a bail hearing.

Breach of probation

Friday February 9 at 10:30 pm – A 21 year old was arrested for failing to comply with his probation as he was discovered at a residence on Bartholomew St. that he was on conditions not to be at.

Stolen vehicle

Saturday February 10 at 1:30 am officers observed a black Honda Civic traveling on George St. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of the Kingston area. The vehicle was stopped on King St. and the driver was arrested without incident. He has been held for a bail hearing.


Sunday February 11, 9:00 am – A local 33 year old male was located in the area of Stewart and Jefferson Ave. The male was arrested for 3 outstanding warrants. He was further charged with possession of crystal methamphetamine. He has been held in custody for a bail hearing.

Public intoxications

Sunday February 11, 2:30 pm a 46 year old female was removed from a train arriving in Brockville due to her intoxication level. She was held in custody until sober and released.

February 8 – 9, 2018


Officers conducted a RIDE program last night around 9:00 pm. Several vehicles were stopped. Three arrests were made from one vehicle for possession of marijuana. There wasn’t any indication of impairment from the driver. The marijuana was seized and the subjects were released.



Several counterfeit bills are still being used in the community. We are asking that all retailers be cognizant of the fake bills. The most common bill being passed has oriental writing on it. A common practice of the suspects is to fold the bill so the retailer does not see the writing.




February 7, 2018 Incidents

Theft/Drive Disqualified:

A 38 year old male attracted the attention of a “loss prevention officer” at Walmart which prompted him to call police. The LPO felt he did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. Police then attended the area and located the male coming out of another retail outlet. Officers recognized the subject and arrested him as he was under a criminal code suspension not to drive. A search incident to arrest led to further charges of theft for various items from the north end stores. Due to the fact that this subject was already before the courts for previous charges he was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Officers conducted a RIDE program despite the poor weather. We are happy to report that there were not any arrests for impaired driving. Four drivers were charged for other Highway Traffic Act offences.

Motor Vehicle Collisions:

Four motor vehicle collisions were reported to the Brockville Police. There were not any reports of injuries due to the collisions. The weather has been blamed for the poor driving conditions.

February 6, 2018 Incidents


Tuesday February 6, 2018 0900 – Brockville Police received several reports of a male assaulting a female in the area of Church St. and Perth St. Officers quickly located the accused and victim involved in the incident. The 38 year old male was charged with assault and held for a bail hearing.


On Tuesday February 6, 2018 – Officers from the Brockville Police were busy with the arrest of several parties for outstanding warrants. In the round up, police arrested a 48 year old male, a 36 year old female and a 31 year old male. The subjects were located at various locations throughout the city.


A 31 year old female was arrested for shoplifting at the Real Canadian Superstore yesterday. She was charged for theft and released at the scene with a future court date.


Tuesday February 6, 2018 at 05:30 pm – The Brockville Fire Department prevented disaster yesterday when they, along with the Brockville Police, responded to a fire alarm on Hubbell St. The fire department forced their way into the apartment and located an unconscious female. The subject was woken and taken to the Brockville General Hospital. She did not suffer any injuries. The cause of the fire was due to food being left on the stove.

February 5 – 6, 2018 Incidents

Man wanted in domestic assault

Investigators are looking for a 38 year old Brockville man after they were called to a domestic disturbance yesterday morning at a north end apartment complex.

At 8:40 a.m. Brockville Police received a call from the 27 year old female victim who had fled to a neighbouring friend’s apartment during the argument and called police. She disclosed to officers when they arrived she and her boyfriend had been arguing when things turned physical and she was struck by the 38 year old man.

Officers tried several places to locate the man but have been unsuccessful. Attempts are being made to have the man turn himself in at Brockville Police headquarters in relation to the incident.


Man attends BPS looking for assistance

A 44 year old Brockville man attended to the front desk of the Brockville Police Service just before 8:00 p.m. last evening looking for assistance in dealing with his drug addiction and illness.

The man who is known to officers disclosed that he had been using Crystal Meth in the past several days and also from mental illness. He told officers at the front desk that he had very little sleep in the past week and was very emotional while speaking with staff at the front desk.

Officers contacted Leeds and Grenville EMS who transported the man to Brockville General Hospital.


Suspicious Male at the Superstore

Brockville Police were called the Superstore on Parkedale Avenue shortly after 8 p.m. last evening after staff their contacted police regarding a suspicious male at the Courtesy Desk did not know where he was or could provide staff with his name to get him assistance.

When officers arrived, and spoke with the man, it was apparent he was well under the influence of alcohol and unable to care for himself. They learned he was from the Ottawa area and was by himself. He was placed under arrest for being intoxicated in a public place for his own safety and conveyed to the Brockville Police Service where he spent the night until sober.

When the man had sobered up, officers learned the man was a 46 year old man from Ottawa who was visiting the area. He was released from custody with a Provincial Offences Notice.


Pepper Spray used in Apartment

Officers were called to an Orchard Street residence early this morning after a caller reported someone released pepper spray inside the residence during a disturbance.

At 1:15 a.m. officers attended to the residence in regards to a dispute between the landlord of the residence and a tenant. Two males were inside the residence at the time and during the dispute someone deployed pepper spray before fleeing the scene.

The residence was evacuated for a short period while the spray dissipated and a couple of the residents attended to Brockville General Hospital for precautionary reasons.

Constables Lucas McArthur and Katie Kijewski are continuing their investigation.

February 4 – 5, 2018 Incidents

Impaired by Drug

Brockville Police while on patrol late last night stopped a black Chevrolet Cobalt near the intersection of Kent Boulevard and Jefferson Drive being operated erratically which resulted in a 34 year old Brockville woman being arrested for impaired driving.

At 11:30 pm, officers observed the Cobalt going southbound on Kent Boulevard and then make a quick U-turn at Jefferson Drive and return northbound on Kent. Officers stopped the vehicle a short distance later and approached the driver whom they recognized. The driver was asked for her driver’s license and admitted to being a suspended driver. She showed physical signs of being under the influence of drugs and as a result was placed under arrest for impaired driving. While being searched she turned over a syringe which was in her pocket in a sweater she was wearing.

Her vehicle was searched at the scene which and numerous syringes and other drug paraphernalia located. In her purse remnants of crystal meth were found on spoons inside.

As a result she was conveyed to Brockville Police headquarters and searched. On her possession was a quantity of crystal meth. The woman was charged with impaired driving by drug, possession of a controlled substance and driving while under suspension. She was later released with a future court date.


APLR finds suspended driver

Patrol officers in the department’s traffic vehicle containing the new Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) unit alerted police to a suspended driver who had been under suspension since 2004.

Constable Dan Hall was operating the traffic vehicle with the ALPR system in it near the intersection of King Street West and Cedar Streets when an ALPR hit alerted him to the vehicle. Constable Hall then stopped the vehicle a short distance later and learned the driver of the motor vehicle had been under suspension since July 2004. Further investigation revealed the driver had been convicted over 27 times since 2000 for various Highway Traffic Act offences including 9 previous charges for driving while under suspension and 7 previous charges of driving without a license.

He will now have another court date for driving under suspension.