November 9 – 13, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Assault

A local, 50 year old woman has been charged with assault after punching her boyfriend in the head.  Brockville Police attended the south end residence just before 7:00 pm, on the 9th of November.  The 40 year old victim, recently received stitches to his head from an unrelated incident.  The accused decided she would obtain the best results if she made that area her target.  Officers arrested and charged the woman with assault.  She was held in custody pending a bail hearing the following day.


Mental Health

Threatening to take his life, a local 20 year old man was escorted to hospital.  Brockville Police received information from a family member who had been communicating with the man over Facebook.  Mental Health workers and another family member helped in getting the subject to the hospital for appropriate care.


Drug Warrant

Brockville Police recovered 1.34 pounds of cocaine while executing a warrant on Thursday evening .  Other partners in the joint project included officers from the Gananoque Police and the local OPP.  At 11:00 pm, a south end residence was entered and the drugs recovered.  A local 34 year old man, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking.  He was remanded into custody and has a court appearance.


Driving Under Suspension

Maybe the 18th time is the charm.  Brockville Police stopped a local, 46 year old man while operating a motor vehicle in the center area of the city.  A check of his driving record showed his licence was actually suspended and he had been convicted of driving under suspension “17” times already.  His vehicle was towed for impounment and the man was charged with several Highway Traffic Act offences.


Mental Health

On Friday the 11th, Brockville Police officers apprehended a local 28 year old man concerned about his mental health.  Police had received information from family indicating the man was looking to end his life.  He had left his residence on foot but was located a short time later near the 401.  He was escorted to local hospital for some help.


Attempt Break and Enter

Brockville Police responded to an alarm at the Brockville Country Club around 10:00 pm, on Friday evening.  Officers noted someone had attempted to gain entry to an equipment storage building off of Center Street.  Entry was not gained and it is believed the alarm mat have scared the culprit(s) off.


Theft From Locker 

Trying to stay in shape became very expensive for a local man.  While attending the YMCA, his wallet was stolen from his locker which contained a large sum of money.  The 18 year old victim was given some advice to prevent future thefts.

If anyone has information about this crime please call us.  These thefts have happened on numerous occassions. Please don’t leave valuables in public lockers at any facility.  Locking these items out of the way in your vehicle or leaving them at home is a much safer alternative.


Stunt Driving

A local female was charged with stunt driving after being clocked on radar travelling twice the speed limit.  120 km/hr in a 60 km/hr zone resulted in a towing and impoundment of the vehicle.  The 30 year old driver was also issued a future court date to deal with the charge and an immediate suspension of her licence.