April 30 – May 1, 2018 Incidents

Public Intoxication

A 57 year old male was arrested for public intoxication at 18:42 hours yesterday. Due to his intoxicated state the male attracted attention of residents in the downtown area, who contacted police. He was arrested a short time after and lodged in the cells until sober.



A 26 year old male was arrested for theft from the LCBO on Parkedale Ave. yesterday. Store employees observed the male remove two bottles of alcohol from the store and leave the area in a taxi cab. The officers were able to locate the cab a short distance away and arrested the male for the theft.


Scam in the area

We have received information of a scam that may be in our jurisdiction. The suspects work in a team and prey on unsuspecting shoppers. The suspects watch as the shopper keys in their PIN code during a transaction. They then follow the victim to the parking lot where they are distracted by other suspects by asking for directions or general conversation. While the victim is distracted one of the suspects removes the debit or credit cards from them.

Please be vigilant, report any suspicious activity and protect your PIN.