August 4, 2016 Incidents


On the 4th of August a keen loss prevention officer from Walmart observed a 47 year old male that was wanted by our police service for an incident of shoplifting at the Canadian Super Store back on the 25th of June. At that time he fled on foot from the Super Store loss prevention officer. This time his feet weren’t fast enough. Its very common for services to share resources and incidents of crime with each other to broaden the net to help apprehend fugitives. This is an excellent example of services working together to accomplish just that. He was arrested without incident and later released with a pending court date.


On the 4th of August a 76 year old sister and a 54 year old brother who live together just couldn’t seem to get along. Police were called to the residence in the north end of the city to quell a dispute between the two of them. It was deemed to be an assault investigation and the brother was charged with this offence on his sister. It was minor in nature and did not result in any injuries.