Brockville Police Association Fund Raiser “Team Hudson”

Hudson Fletcher is a young man who loves the challenge of competition, and in 2016 Hudson began his biggest challenge in a battle against brain cancer.

A short 9 months ago Hudson was a typical 9 year old, busy with sports and being a fun loving child. He began feeling ill and was diagnosed with a rare condition called Diabetes Insipidus and was prescribed medication that he would remain on for the rest of his life. After two months of dealing with this condition and trips to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital for MRI’s, blood tests, spinal taps and CAT Scans doctor’s found tumours on Hudson’s brain.

Hudson and his family have on two occasions been booked for surgery only to have it cancelled and now he must go through 12 weeks of chemotherapy and then radiation treatments in Toronto.

To assist Hudson and his family with the costs of his treatment and travel to Toronto, members of the Brockville Police Service and Kelsey’s Restaurant will be hosting a fund raising night at Kelsey’s Restaurant Wednesday May 31st from 5pm-8pm. Members of the Brockville Police Service will be assisting Kelsey’s staff that evening and a portion of each meal sold will go toward Hudson’s courageous battle.