Building Needs Assessment

The Brockville Police Service (BPS) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to conduct a facility needs analysis and develop a capital plan based off of the facility needs to address short, medium, and long term requirements for the BPS. Short term is defined as 2-5 years, medium term is 10-15 years, and long term is 25 years based on the forecasted population growth within the City of Brockville. The over all needs assessment and plan shall take into account the short, medium, and long term requirements not only for each individual facility, but also the BPS as a whole.

The City of Brockville is seeking the most competitive pricing by means of this tender.  A public opening of the tenders will not be taking place and is not scheduled.

Conditions for bidding are such that a supplier is required to have the legal and financial responsibilities to undertake the relevant scope defined in the tender.

 To access further information  Bids and Tenders – Brockville