Crosswalk Regulation Change

Effective January 1st, 2016 drivers will have to stop and wait for pedestrians to vacate the crosswalk at all crosswalks which have flashing lights or crosswalks which have a crossing guard present. This change is meant to keep pedestrians and crossing guards safe. We are asking drivers to ensure they pay close attention at crosswalks and to follow the direction of crossing guards at designated crosswalks.

This change coincides with the opening of the new crosswalk at Rivers Avenue and King Street West. As you may have noticed, that crosswalk is equipped with pedestrian lights and is controlled by the pedestrians when they approach the crosswalk. When lights are flashing vehicles are required to stop and allow the pedestrian to cross.

“We have had too many close calls at our crosswalks and many include the crossing guard who is present to add another level of safety. Drivers need to be patient and allow pedestrians to cross the road entirely before proceeding. Officers will be out and will be enforcing the new legislation, so please be safe and share the roadways.” – Stated Chief Fraser. has more information related to the new rules.

Drivers will be fined $150 to $500 and 3 demerit points for offences at pedestrian crossings, school crossings and at crosswalks where there are traffic signals. The maximum fine for running a red light – a practice that puts pedestrians at risk – is $200 to $1000.

Fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones, near schools and public areas. These areas are clearly marked with signs.

Please contact Chief Fraser at extension 4234 if you have any questions.