February 2 – 4, 2016 incidents

Community Service

On February 2nd at 4:14 pm., Brockville Police attended an apartment complex in the center of the city for a mental health call.

A local, 21 year old female, had expressed a desire to harm herself.  Officers located the young woman and escorted her to hospital for appropriate care.


Breach of Conditions

On February 3rd at 8:30 pm., Brockville Police received a report of a man staggering on King St. West near the Kingston bridge. The caller indicated the male had left the sidewalk area several times, travelling onto the roadway. Police searched the area but could not locate him.

At 10:23 pm., Officers located a man on King Street that matched the description given in the earlier call.  The local, 54 year old, was spoken to and investigation revealed he was on probation as well as release conditions for outstanding charges.  The subject was no longer residing at the address given when he was released. One of his conditions was to report any change of his residence.  He was arrested and charged with breaching the conditions of both his probation order and his undertaking.  A new court date was given and the male was released from custody shortly after his arrest.


Warrant Arrest

On December 10th, 2015, a local. 47 year old man, was scheduled to attend the Brockville Police Service for fingerprints. Attending for fingerprints was a requirement placed on him weeks earlier when released from custody for criminal charges.

A warrant for his arrest was then obtained.

On February 4th at 1:29 am., Smiths Falls Police came into contact with the man and arrested him as a resut of the warrant.  Brockville Police Officers took custody of the man and he was releassed with a future court date. A charge of failing to attend for fingerprints was laid and added to his outstanding offences.