February 24 – 25, 2017

Warrants/Drug Offences

On Friday, February 24, officers working at the court house recognized a 49 year old male standing outside. Knowing that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant the court staff approached to arrest him. When he observed the officers he attempted to discard a quantity of drugs. He was arrested and the drugs were quickly recovered. He was remanded into custody.


Warrants/Drug Offences

Also arrested yesterday was a 39 year old male that was located at a downtown address. He had outstanding warrants and was located with a small quantity of drugs on his person. He has also been remanded into custody.



Brockville Police are investigating two separate fraudulent incidents where the suspect befriends the victim through social media. The victims are then coerced into giving the suspects funds. One of the frauds has exceeded $20,000. Police are actively investigating these occurrences.



On Friday Brockville Police investigated a motor vehicle accident on Reynolds Drive at Glenn Wood Pl. One driver was transported to Brockville General Hospital with minor injuries. The second driver involved was charged with careless driving.


On Saturday morning a single motor vehicle struck a Hydro pole on Chaffey St. at Morgan Lane. The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to Brockville General Hospital.



As a result of investigating one of these accidents, officers located and arrested a 3rd male wanted on outstanding warrants. He was released with a future court date.