February 7, 2018 Incidents

Theft/Drive Disqualified:

A 38 year old male attracted the attention of a “loss prevention officer” at Walmart which prompted him to call police. The LPO felt he did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. Police then attended the area and located the male coming out of another retail outlet. Officers recognized the subject and arrested him as he was under a criminal code suspension not to drive. A search incident to arrest led to further charges of theft for various items from the north end stores. Due to the fact that this subject was already before the courts for previous charges he was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Officers conducted a RIDE program despite the poor weather. We are happy to report that there were not any arrests for impaired driving. Four drivers were charged for other Highway Traffic Act offences.

Motor Vehicle Collisions:

Four motor vehicle collisions were reported to the Brockville Police. There were not any reports of injuries due to the collisions. The weather has been blamed for the poor driving conditions.