January 4 – 7, 2016 Incidents

Breach of Probation

On January 4th at 2:50 pm., Brockville Police took a complaint of a local man breaching his probation.

The 44 year old was placed on conditions regarding his ex-wife with one of them being to keep his distance from her place of employment.  On the 4th, he was observed in the parking lot where she works without cause.  Police arrested and charged the male with breaching his probation. He was released on conditions and given a future court date.



On January 4th at 3:31 pm., Brockville Police attended a three car accident on Parkedale Ave. near Millwood Ave.

Ambulance attended the scene and treated two of the drivers for minor injuries.  A local, 48 year old man was charged with careless driving and issued a fine as a result.



On January 5th at 10:47 am., Brockville Police took custody of a 24 year old, local male, who had been arrested by the Smiths Falls Police Service.

The young man failed to show up for his weekend sentence at the Brockville Jail on the 8th of May, 2015. A warrant had been in place for his arrest since mid May.  He was arrested and charged with being unlawfully at large and taken for a bail hearing later in the day.


Unwanted Passenger

On January 5th at 4:15 pm., Brockville Police attended the train station on Perth Street for an unwanted passenger.

A 26 year old male, with no fixed address was exposing his buttocks to people on the train.  Police arrested the man for indecent exposure and charged him under the Trespass to Property Act. He was released with a fine.  The city of Barrie had a probation order in effect for the male for similar incidents in their area.  Police have contacted their probation services to advise of the complaint. The male could still face a probation charge from their area.  Although the male had no permanent address, it is believed he resides in the Barrie area.


Domestic Dispute

On January 6th at 1:54 am., Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end residence.

A local, 47 year old male, was intoxicated and arguing with his wife. Police felt that leaving the male in the residence was not an appropriate option.  The man was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace and released later in the day when sober.


Well Being Check

On January 6th at 8:00 pm., Brockville Police attended a south end apartment building building to check on a male in distress.

Police dealt with a local, 27 year old, who expressed a desire to harm himself. The man had a minor self inflicted cut to one of his arms.  He was taken to hospital by Police to obtain the needed medical care.



On January 23rd, 2015, a warrant was issued for a 33 year old, male party, who failed to attend court in Brockville.  On January 7th, 2016, the man was arrested by the Belleville Police Service on the strength of the warrant.  Brockville Police Officers attended Belleville in the early morning hours of the 7th and returned him to Brockville.  The subject will appear in bail court.