January 8 – 10, 2016 Incidents

Traffic Stop

On January 8th at 9:02 am., Brockville Police stopped a local , 45 year old male, for a traffic infraction on a south end street.

The man tried to identify himself as someone else due to the fact that his drivers licence was suspended.  Police warned the man for the criminal offence of personation. He was released at the scene and given a traffic court date.


Unwanted Person

On January 9th at 12:14 am., Brockville Police attended the Brockville General Hospital in regards to an unwanted person.

A local, 21 year old male, had received stitches to close a wound on his forehead.  After treatment, the intoxicated male began causing problems for staff members.  The man was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.  He was released later the same day when sober.



On January 9th at 1:20 pm., Brockville Police attended the center area of the city for a fraud complaint.

A local, 39 year old male, took a taxi to a residence and returned to the vehcile several minutes later but was now refusing to pay the fare.  Police arrested and charged the man with fare fraud, locating him walking close by.  He was released with a future court date.



On January 10th at 12:27 am., Brockville Police attended an armed robbery at the Petro Canada situated at 325 Stewart Blvd.

A lone, white male, armed with a knife, approached the cashier and demanded money.  The male left the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. The cashier was not injured in the incident.  The male has not been located at this point and the investigation is ongoing.

Any further questions should be directed to Detective Sgt. Tom Fournier at 613-342-0127.