July 26 – 27, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Assault

On July 26th, Brockville Police were conducting mental health checks in the community at various residences.

While speaking to a 29 year old female, at her south end home, she disclosed domestic assaults from the month prior.

On June 26th, during a verbal dispute, her common-law grabbed her by the throat and pushed her onto a table where she fell over. Several hours later, he punched her in the face. The following evening, another dispute resulted in the male grabbing her by the throat again and striking her three times in the face. He smashed her phone when she tried to call Police.

On July 26th, Officers arrested and charged the local 28 year old.  He was held for a bail hearing and faces charges of three counts of assault and one of mischief.

The victim received minor injuries during the assaults.


Theft From Vehicle

On July 26th at 4:25 pm, Brockville Police took a theft complaint on Park Street.

The victim’s truck had been parked on the street for the weekend. When he returned, construction and electrical equipment had been removed from the vehicle worth several thousand dollars.

The investigation is ongoing.


Compliance Checks

During the early evening hours of July 26th, Brockville Police attended numerous homes in the city for compliance checks. Persons charged with criminal offences and released on conditions, often have curfews or house arrest rules to abide by. One of these conditions, “Operation Doorknock”, requires people to show themselves to Police when requested. No violations of these terms were found during this particular round of checks.


Shed Fire

On July 26th at 9:33 pm, Brockville Police attended a shed fire at a residence in the center of the city.

The resident had emptied out BBQ coals thinking they no longer contained much heat. A neighbour had attended over and extinguished the fire. There is no information in regards to the amount of damage.


Domestic Dispute

On July 27th at 1:14 am, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end residence.

Officers left the couple to themselves after giving advice and things calming down. Officers were called to the home a second time at 2:03 am. Both parties were very uncooperative and could not be left together.

The 40 year old female resident was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. She was released later in the morning, after sobering up, without charges.


Stolen Vehicle / Impaired Driver

On July 27th at 2:50 am, Brockville Police responded to a single vehicle roll over on Waverly Drive near North Augusta Road.

The lone male occupant, fled the area on foot. At 3:25 am, Officers attended a residence on Salisbury Avenue after the same man entered the home and stole car keys. He was confronted by the homeowner while trying to start his vehicle and decided to stop what he was doing and await Police. The 23 year old, Kemptville resident, had stolen the original vehicle in Kemptville before the accident here.

He was arrested, charged and held for a bail hearing. Charges included, impaired driving, driving over the legal limit, theft of motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, breaching conditions of his undertaking, breaching his probation order and breaking into the house to commit theft.