March 24 – 28, 2016 News


On March 24th at 9:14 am, Brockville Police attended a north end box store for a theft complaint.

A 45 year old female from the Ottawa area, had stolen over a thousand dollars in merchandise. She had fled the store prior to Police arrival. The accused was already on probation for similar offences and is currently charged with theft as well. Her release conditions included not to attend the same store she had stolen from.

Police are now looking to arrest the woman for charges of theft, breach of probation and breach of her outstanding release conditions.


Community Service

On March 24th at 2:10 pm., Brockville Police attended a south end apartment building to check on the health of a local, 33 year old female.

The Brockville Police enjoy a community partnership with Lanark Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health (LLGAMH). Our Community Services Officer along with members of the organization attend homes to check on clients of the agency.

On this date, the female was having difficulties and was taken to hospital for appropriate care.


Assist Ambulance

On March 24th at 8:10 pm., Brockville Police attended a downtown apartment building to assist ambulance staff with identifying a male party.

It appeared the male had fallen down a flight of stairs and was now unresponsive. Police identified the man as a local, 58 year old. The male was taken to local hospital and eventually to Kingston General. At the time of this release, Police are unaware of his current condition.


Unwanted Person

On March 26th at 12:12 am, Brockville Police responded to an unwanted person complaint at a south end residence.

A 39 year old male, from the Smiths Falls area, attended his ex-brother in law’s residence and entered through a side door to use the bathroom. He was escorted from the residence before Police arrived and was headed back to his residence.

Police asked another agency to check on his mental health and learned the male had been involved in a single motor vehicle accident north of Brockville. He was being treated for minor injuries and there was no criminal charges stemming from our incident.


Neighbour Dispute

On March 26th at 8:27 am., Brockville Police attended a south end apartment complex for a neighbour dispute.

Residents of two apartments began banging on walls connecting the units and yelling back and forth. The neighbours have ongoing issues regarding noise levels. One of the residents, a 26 year old male, attended to the other apartment and kicked in the front door then left the area. Officers charged the man with mischief for damage to the door. He was released at the scene and issued a future court date.


Community Service

On March 26th at 5:56 pm., Brockville Police began searching for a local, 27 year old man after he informed family members of his intention to harm himself.

After searching several locations, Officers located the young man. He was apprehended and taken to hospital for appropriate care.


Impaired Driving

On March 26th at 10:18 pm., Brockville Police received a complaint of a male party acting strangely in a gas station parking lot in the north end of the city.

Witnesses reported he was video recording others and noticed his speech was slurred when he was asked about his actions. The man left the area but was stopped by Officers nearby in his vehicle.

The local, 26 year old, failed a roadside alcotest after providing a breath sample. He was arrested and charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle while over the legal limit. The man was checked out by medical staff at hospital prior to his release after complaining of anxiety issues. His vehicle was impounded and he now has a future court date.


Community Service

On March 26th at 11:07 pm., Brockville Police received a request from an outside agency to check on the health of a local female.

The 33 year old, had reported to a family member that she had taken pills and was looking to harm herself. Police attended her residence in the south end of the city and spoke to her. It was determined that she was in need of medical attention and Officers apprehended her and she was taken to hospital for appropriate care.


Sexual Assault

On March 27th at 12:09 pm., Brockville Police attended the Tim Hortons on William Street in regards to a sexual assault.

Police received two complaints of a male pinching their buttocks while standing in line within the restaurant. Both victims are female.

Officers arrested a local 66 year old male on March 29th.   He has been charged with two counts of sexual assault.

The investigation is ongoing, however, if you witnessed anything connected to this case or believe you were subjected to a similar offence, please contact Cst. Laurie Bennett at 613-342-0127 Extension 4221.


Bail Violation

On March 28th at 10:29 am, Brockville Police received a complaint regarding a bail violation.

A local, 18 year old man, was released on conditions for outstanding charges. One of the conditions involved residing with another family member and abiding by a curfew. The family member reported the accused did not come home at all on Sunday night.

Police are now seeking the individual for breaching his recognizance, probation order and community supervision order. He will face a bail hearing when located.