March 25 – 26, 2019 Incidents


On March 25th, a 28 year old male was arrested by CBSA officers when he landed at the Ottawa International Airport. The male had a bench warrant issued for his arrest after he failed to attend court in 2017. The male had been charged with mischief and was given a court date to answer to the charge but never attended. The warrant was then issued, but the male was never located until his arrest in Ottawa.


Drugs/traffic stop

On March 26th at 12:17 a.m. officers stopped a vehicle off of Parkedale Avenue. The vehicle was parked in a secluded area adjacent to closed businesses. Two parties were located in the vehicle, a 32 year old female and a 35 year old male. It was discovered that the female had a warrant out of Kingston for her arrest. The male provided a false name to police, but was later identified. The male’s reason for lying was that he had multiple warrants for his arrest. Both parties were arrested and searched. Officers located a quantity of crystal methamphetamine and subsequently charged them for being in possession of a controlled substance. The male was charged with an additional count of obstructing a peace officer and was held in custody. The female was turned over to Kingston Police.