May 11, 2016 Incidents


On May 11th at 4:36 pm., Brockville Police attended a group home in the south end of the city to deal with female resident giving staff a difficult time.

Officers dealt with the woman, 57 years of age, feeling things were better on their departure.  At 5:26 pm., Officers had to return as issues had started back up with the same resident.  Police apprehended the woman and escorted her to hospital where she was admitted for appropriate treatment.


Traffic Stop

On May 11th at 8:05 pm., Brockville Police stopped a motor vehicle on Parkedale Avenue for an expired validation on the licence plate.

The bigger problem for the driver however, he was disqualified from operating a vehicle due to an impaired driving conviction.  The local, 37 year old, was charged with driving while disqualified and released at the scene with a future court date.  His vehicle was towed and will be impounded for a period of 45 days. A large bill awaits the man when he goes to retrieve his car!!


Trouble with Youth

On May 11th at 9:42 pm., Brockville Police received a complaint of a young teen in possession of a toy hand gun.

The youth was observed walking on a north end street with the fake pistol clearly visible.  Officers found the local, 13 year old, then escorted him home to speak with his father.  The seriousness of his actions were explained to he and his Dad.  Officers did not lay any charges but seized the plastic gun.