November 1 – 6, 2015 Incidents

Drug Offences

On November 1st, Brockville Police, in their media release, spoke of a 51 year old male from the Montreal area, who was charged with having cocaine on his person and in his vehicle.

With this information, the Brockville Police Intelligence Office and Grenville OPP Drug Enforcement Unit, executed a search warrant on the subject’s motel room in Johnstown on November 3rd.

As a result, a larger quantity of cocaine, crack cocaine and illegal cigarettes were seized. The street value of the drugs is estimated at over $6000.00

The 51 year old is in custody and appeared in bail court on Tuesday.



On November 3rd, at 9:22 am., Brockville Police responded to the King Street West area to deal with an argument between two males. One of the males would not listen to reason and continued to cause a scene.

The local, 27 year old, was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. Police had mental health workers attend the station to check on his well being prior to be released from custody.



On November 3rd, at 1:45 pm., Brockville Police responded to a north end box store for a theft complaint.

The male and female responsible for the theft had fled the area. Police located the Napanee couple and they were arrested for theft. The female was already facing charges for theft, breaching her probation and conditions of her court issued release document.

The 43 year old male and the 45 year old female were arrested and charged with the theft and issued a future court date.

The Kingston Police Service attended Brockville later and took custody of the two as they had warrants for them in their area as well.


Domestic Dispute

On November 3rd at 9:26 pm., Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute on King Street East.

A local, 21 year old male, attended his ex-girlfriend’s residence and forced his way into her apartment. The male assaulted and choked her during the confrontation. He had fled on foot prior to Police arrival.

The 24 year old female suffered minor injuries but did not receive medical attention.

Later, Police located, arrested and charged the male with assault, choking and breaching his probation. He was held for a bail hearing.


Domestic Dispute

On November 4th at 3:34 pm., Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at an apartment complex in the center of the city.

A 33 year old male, from the Gananoque area attended his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and broke in. Once inside, he assaulted the 22 year old female, held her against her will and would not leave.

The accused finally left on foot and was located by Police in the area. He was arrested and charged with break and enter, assault and forcible confinement as well as breaching his probation order.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

During the evening, while in Police custody, the male was observed trying to tie clothing around his neck. Officers attended the cells to remove the items and the male became extremely confrontational. Police deployed their conductive energy weapon (taser), and the male was placed under physical control.

An Ambulance was called to the Police station to check on his well being but the male required no medical attention.

He was held for a bail hearing the following day.


Theft from Vehicles

On the evening of November 4th and early morning hours of the 5th, Brockville Police received several dozen calls of vehicles being broken into overnight.

All the incidents took place in the south/west end of the city. A large array of items were stolen. Some of these items have been recovered by Police.

Around noon on the 5th, Police received a call from a local business where they felt a credit card purchase was possibly fraudulent. The female they were dealing with in the store fled on foot.

Police recognized the card holder name belonging to one of the victims of the vehicle thefts. Officers flooded the area and located the local, 29 year old, hiding behind an apartment building near the area.

She was arrested and charged with nine counts of fraud, attempt fraud, four counts of possession of stolen property and possibly more as the investigation continues. Police encourage other victims to contact Police.

The female was held for a bail hearing later today and other possible suspects are being sought.

Police have begun the process of returning property to rightful owners.



On November 5th at 6:00 pm., Brockville Police attended one of the box stores on Parkedale Avenue for a theft complaint.

A local 30 year old female was arrested and charged with shoplifting from the store. The dollar value of the items taken was over $1000.00

She was also awaiting court for similar behaviour and was on release conditions which she was violating. The party will appear in bail court later.


Public Intoxication

On November 6th at 3:21 am., Brockville Police located a female walking down the middle of the street in the center of town.

When speaking with her, she was found to be in a heavily intoxicated state. The local, 20 year old, was arrested and charged for public intoxication as Police were concerned for her safety. She faces a fine when sober and ready to go home.