November 15 – 16, 2016 Incidents

Mental Health

A local 13 year old girl left home after a verbal dispute with her mother then threatened to kill herself before leaving.  Brockville Police attended her school yesterday shortly after 8:30 am., to speak to her about her comments.  Officers then decided to apprehend and escort the teen to local hospital.  She was left in the care of medical staff but police learned she was back at school later in the day.


Domestic Dispute

A domestic dispute turned into a mischief for a local couple.

On November 14th, a local 38 year old man attended the apartment of his ex-girlfriend’s and ended up damaging a television as well as putting a hole in the drywall.  The woman attended the Brockville Police station on the 15th to report the incident.

The Kingston Police Service arrested the man in the early evening hours of the 15th on the strength of our information.  Both Services met halfway and Brockville took custody of the accused.  He was arrested and charged with mischief and breaching his probation by failing to remain of good behaviour.

Held in custody, he will appear in bail court.



Failing to show up for fingerprints adds another charge to your offences.

Yesterday at 9:44 am, a local 28 year old woman turned herself into Brockville Police for failing to maker her print date on November 10th.  After obtaining her prints, she was released on the new charge and issued a future court date.


Illegal Bonfire

A local 60 year old woman faces a bylaw fine for her backyard refuse burning.  Brockville Police and Brockville Fire arrived at the south end residence just before 6:00 pm., yesterday after a complaint of a large bonfire.  The resident was burning matresses at the time.  Police left the investigation to the Fire Department for followup and applicable charges.


Breach of Release Conditions

Drawing attention to yourself when released on conditions leads to arrest and time spent in a cell.

A local 22 year old man was setting off firecrackers in the south end of the city resulting in complaints to the Brockville Police.  Officers located the man just after 3:30 am, this morning and while speaking to him, noted alcohol on his breath.  He was on conditions from oustanding charges with one of them being no consumption of alcohol.  He was arrested and charged with the breach and held in custody until a bail hearing.

No more calls involving the loud noises were received after his arrest.