November 16 – 17, 2017 Incidents

Family Assistance Provided

Brockville Police were called to a Bartholomew Street residence yesterday morning to assist with a 27 year old single mother and her 4 year old child.

 At approximately 10:30 a.m. yesterday morning a concerned neighbour contacted police when the 27 year old woman was banging on her door and very upset. At the time she had her young child with her and was concerned for both her and her child’s safety.

 When police arrived, they were able to speak with woman and arrange for someone to come and look after her 4 year old child. The woman was then conveyed by police to the Brockville General Hospital for examination.


Telemarketing Scam

The Brockville Police Association is NOT telemarketing area residents.

Yesterday afternoon, Brockville Police received reports from area residents they were contacted by what appeared to be a Brockville phone number and advised by the caller they were calling on behalf of the Brockville Police Association. The caller was asking for large donations to educate children on bullying and drugs.

The Brockville Police Service and the Brockville Police Association are warning the public this is a fraudulent scam and are not currently participating in any such fund raising initiative. Please do not fall victim to this scam.


High Water Levels

As a result of the recent rain and cooler weather, water levels in area creeks and streams are again quite high and running fast.

 The Brockville Police are reminding area residents to respect the water levels, and remind children of the dangers of playing near fast running water, especially as temperatures dip and shorelines become icy and slippery.


Salvation Army Kettle Drive

Today is the opening day of this year’s Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Drive. Members of the Brockville Police Service will be staffing the kettle at the Canadian Tire Store on Parkedale Ave from 10 a.m. this morning until 6:00 p.m. this evening.

Please come out and see us and if possible make a donation to the Kettle for this very worthwhile cause.