November 22, 2016 Incidents

Train vs. Car – Update

Yesterdays media release spoke to a vehicle being struck by a train at the Bartholomew Street rail crossing.

Today, we are confirming that the local 56 year old driver was actually not in the vehicle at the time of impact.  He and two children, passengers in the vehicle, stood nearby after the man’s efforts to push the vehicle off the tracks failed.

The vehicle was destroyed and rail crossings west of that location experienced blockages until the train could be moved along.



A north end apartment building suffered some mischief when a fire extinguisher was discharged into the hallway.  Just before midnight last night, members of the Brockville Police and the Fire Department responded to the call, not knowing at first if there was actually a working fire.

Brockville Police are looking to speak with anyone who may have information in regards to the identity of the responsible individual(s). (613) 342-0127.


Snow Removal – Parking Enforcement

The Brockville Police would like to remind the community about winter parking by-laws.  After receiving the first significant snow fall of the season, city works employees were busy last night cleaning up roadways.  As often happens with the first storm of the year, many vehicles were left parked in areas that makes this process difficult.  Subsequently, numerous vehicles received parking fines and several had to be towed.

Please remember to avoid parking on city streets overnight and save that money for the holidays!!