November 23 – 24, 2016 Incidents

Bail Violations

A Brockville man reported threats made towards him by another male but breached his release conditions while doing so.

On the 24th at 9:30 pm., Brockville Police spoke to the man to take his complaint. The man complaining is before the courts on charges of his own and has a condition in relation to no consumption of alcohol. Officers noted he had been drinking and ended up arresting and charging him with breaching his undertaking. On the 17th of November, officers spoke to the 56 year old about another complaint and noted he had been consuming at that time as well. He was released after a short stay and given new conditions, now facing charges of breaching his conditions on two occasions.

His threat complaint is still being investigated. Police will be speaking to a local, 48 year old man in connection with that matter. Since that investigation is in the early stages, further comment will be released when completed.


Weapons Charge

A physical confrontation between two men ended up with one of the man brandishing a knife.

On August 3rd around 4:30 pm., Brockville Police responded to a fight taking place in the parking lot of a south end convenience store. The two local men, 29 and 35 years of age, got into a dispute over the ownership of a cell phone. The 35 year old, punched the other man in the face and produced a knife during the fight although it was not used against the victim. The accused man had left the scene before officers arrived and a warrant was issued for his arrest for assault with a weapon, assault, possession of stolen property and breaching his probation order. The other man suffered minor injuries as a result of the assault.

On November 24th at 7:10 pm., Brockville officers attended a south end street to arrest a wanted female. Before leaving the scene, she asked about handing over some personal property to a man standing with her. As it turned out, her friend was the male wanted for the charges stemming from the fight in August. He was arrested and charged with the offences listed and held for a bail hearing today.


Breach of Community Sentence

Failure to show up for a probation appointment turned into a request for police to check on a local, 34 year old woman.

On November 23rd, Brockville Police received a report from the local Probation Office to check the residence of the female to see if she was abiding by conditions of a community sentence order. Officers discovered she was not in her home as required by the courts. On the 24th at 7:10 pm., Brockville officers attended a south end street for an unrelated matter and observed the accused standing in the area. She was arrested for breaching the order and taken to the station. Shortly after, she starting complaining of not feeling well. She was escorted to local hospital and at the time of this report, remains under medical care.