November 5 – 6, 2018 Incidents

Damian Sobieraj Investigation

As a result of the arrest of a 15-year old Brockville youth last Tuesday, and subsequent court appearance of the youth, the Justice of the Peace has ordered a Publication Ban on all evidence and anything which may identify the youth arrested. This Publication Ban extends not only to members of the media, but to publications on social media as well.

The Brockville Police Service understands and is sympathetic to the concerns expressed by members of the community, and is doing our best to address them. Nonetheless we must remind the public that ignoring a Publication Ban may result in an offence under Section 127 (1) of the Criminal Code, breaching of a court order, and could affect the present matters before the court.

We thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


Disturb the Peace

Police were called to a disturbance in a downtown residence on the 5th of November at 8:00 am.   It was reported that the 23 year old male was “out of control” within the residence. Once located by officers he was arrested for possession of drugs and breaching a probation order.