November 7 – 8, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Dispute

A local man and woman face assault charges after a dispute turned physical.  Brockville Police attended their north end residence on Monday evening around 6:00 pm.  An argument started over internet usage while the couple stood in the kitchen.  The 71 year old woman, struck the male in the face with a cooking utensil.  Reacting to being struck, the 69 year old man, grabbed her around the throat.  Both people had been seperated when officers arrived.  Each one has now been charged with assault on the other.  They are on conditions which include no communication with one another pending a future court date.  Nobody suffered any injuries as a result of the incident.



Stealing items from a north end boxstore has led to a fine for a local woman.

Brockville Police attended shortly before 2:00 pm. Tuesday, to speak to the 26 year old accused.  Due to the low dollar value of the theft, she was issued a fine under the Trespass to Property Act and released at the scene to another family member.


Domestic Dispute

Police have arrested and charged a local, 50 year old man with assault and uttering a threat.  Brockville Police attended the north end residence of a local couple on Tuesday, shortly after 8:00 pm, after the female victim called 911.

Officers learned the 50 year old woman and the accused began climbing stairs in the home to take their dispute away from earshot of others in the residence.  She alleged her spouse turned and pushed her down several steps then knelt over her and made threats.  The man left the home in his vehicle, but their daughter’s boyfriend was lying on the hood as the vehicle drove away.  He jumped off at a nearby intersection and returned to the residence.

Police attended the scene later when information indicated the man had returned.  He was located in shrubbery around the residence.  His arrest followed for assault and utter threats. A second assault was revealed by the victim in early September of this year.  In that incident, she claimed she was shoved during another vebal dispute.

Police held the man in custody pending his appearance in bail court.  Neither the victim nor the daughter’s boyfriend suffered injuries beyond minor in nature.


Mental Health

A local, 20 year old man was taken to hospital after comments of suicide.  Brockville Police attended his residence in the center area of the city Wednesday, just after midnight, to check on his wellbeing.  The man had made statements to a friend concerning his desire to end his life.  Officers placed the gentleman in the care of hospital staff for appropriate care.