November 8 – 9, 2017 Incidents

Arrest in Giant Tiger Theft

An 18 year old Brockville man attended to the Brockville Police Service last evening at approximately 8:00 p.m. to turn himself in after seeing himself in the local media in relation to a theft at Giant Tiger.

The young man surrendered himself at the stations front desk and turned over the property from the incident he had in his possession over to police. He was then arrested in relation to the theft, and processed before being released on a charge of theft under $5000 and given a future court date.


Crime Prevention Week tip of the day-Child Identification Program

The Brockville Police Service is proud to support the Masonic CHIP (Child Identification Program). The program captures your child’s physical description, voice pattern, DNA, dental impression and favourite places they like to hide. All of this data is collected at Masonic CHIP events and is turned over to you before you leave. At no time is any of this personal information stored by the police or the Mason’s. Events take place in our area as required or as set by our local Masonic Organizations.

Some safety tips for parents to help protect your child’s well-being in public:

  • It may seem harmless, but a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your child’s name on it, could be a lure to an abuser or abductor. A child is more likely to trust someone who knows his/her name and might not know the abductor has learned it from reading their t-shirt. It’s a simple thing to avoid and it puts distance between a child and an abductor.
  • Never leave a child alone in a public place, nor in a stroller or car. Not even for a minute. A lot can happen in a minute!
  • Accompany your small children to the bathroom and teach them not to play in and around the area. If you are a female with a little boy who is too old for the Ladies washroom, or vice versa, wait directly outside the door. If the child is in the bathroom for longer than you expect, ask a male/female to go in, look for the child and report back to you.
  • Keep and up-to-date photo of your child. A school or other professional picture is good. If you’d rather take the picture yourself, keep it full-face, simple and clear. Take a new one each year. Record changes in height, weight, and hair colouring each time you take your child in for a yearly physical as these are things that constantly change as a child grows.
  • Know your children’s friends and their addresses, where they play, even where they hide. These are things that don’t take much time, but each one contributes to your child’s safety, as well as your peace of mind.