September 28, 2016 Incidents


On September 28th at 10:32 am, Brockville Police attended a north end box store in regards to a man caught shoplifting.

The local 22 year old was charged by Officers for theft but refused to sign release documents which would have resulted in his freedom to leave the scene with a future court date.  For reasons unknown, the man wanted to go to jail.  He was held in custody pending an appearance in bail court.


Robbery / Threats

On September 28th at 1:56 pm, Brockville Police received a harassment complaint from a local 29 year old man.  The victim indicated he was receiving threats by way of messages on his phone from the accused.

While Officers were interviewing the victim, they learned he was actually robbed by the accused on September 26th on a north end street.  At that time, the accused approached the victim and was demanding ten dollars owed to him.  The victim was punched in the face and his ballcap as well as his backpack were taken from him, containing his wallet and a ring.. He also threatened to stab the victim the next time he saw him.

On the 28th at 10:58 pm, Officers saw the local 19 year old accused in the King Street West area.  He was arrested and charged with robbery, uttering threats and breaching his probation.  At the time of his arrest, the accused had a curfew as part of his probation order that he was subsequently violating.

He was held in custody to attend bail court.


Theft from Vehicle

On September 28th at 2:39 pm, Brockville Police received a complaint involving theft from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

The culprit(s) rummaged through areas of the car and stole a set of keys to another vehicle.  The offence took place in the owner’s driveway in the center/west area of the city.


Mental Health

On September 28th at 3:00 pm, Brockville Police received a request to check on the wellbeing of a local 33 year old woman.  Officers determined she was in need of medical attention in regards to possible mental health issues.  She was apprehended and escorted to hospital for appropriate care.


Mental Health

On September 28th at 3:25 pm, Brockville Police attended the Leeds Grenville Mental Health building on Front Avenue to assist with a client.

A local 63 year old man was suffering from mental health issues and staff were concerned about his possible reaction when trying to get him help. Officers apprehended the man and escorted him to hospital for the needed treatment.


Theft from Vehicle

On September 28th at 4:28 pm, Brockville Police received a complaint of theft of change from a parked vehicle. Overnight, suspect(s) entered the car in the south/west end of the city while parked in the driveway of the residence.


Mental Health

On September 28th at 5:20 pm, Brockville Police received information of a local 20 year old woman threatening self harm.

It was hard to locate her because she was driving a vehicle at the time and Police were getting bits of information from a female passenger. The other female was advised to get out of the car at one point and the woman continued on with her male passenger. Information was she had ingested pills of some sort. Officers eventually located the vehicle as it exited the 401 onto Stewart Blvd. Once pulled over, the young woman was apprehended and taken to hospital for the proper intervention. The female passenger was located and driven back to town by local OPP Officers.