September 7 – 8, 2017 Incidents

Ottawa Man arrested on Warrant

A 27 year old Ottawa man with an outstanding warrant from Brockville for Failing to Appear for his fingerprints was arrested yesterday afternoon by Ottawa Police and returned to the Brockville to be processed on his new charges.

On June 25th of this year the man and his 23 year old female accomplice were arrested for shoplifting at the Real Canadian Superstore on Parkedale Avenue. At the time of this arrest he was on a probation order for assault, theft and fraud under $5000 for Ottawa area related incidents and as a result was charged for theft under $5000 and breaching his probation and given a fingerprint date of August 3rd in which he failed to show and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

He is now facing additional charges of failing to appear for his fingerprints and was released from custody with several conditions and given a future court date.


More Counterfeit $100 Canadian Bills

Yesterday afternoon a local bank reported to the Brockville Police that one of their business customers had brought in two counterfeit $100 bills they had received as payment.

The fake bills have no serial numbers on the currency and oriental language like symbols on the bills. These counterfeit bills appear to be circulating area businesses along the 401 corridor.

Before accepting $100 bills for payment, businesses are urged to examine the currency first for these symbols and lack of a serial number. If unsure, consider other forms of payment.


Weapons offences

Just before 11 pm last evening Brockville Police received a 911 call of a man swinging an axe on King Street striking signs, fire hydrants and light posts along the way.

Responding officers located a 47 year old Brockville man, who is known to police in the area of Mac’s Milk on King Street with a roofing hammer in his possession which he told police he needed for protection from another male.

The man was placed under arrest for Possessing a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace and conveyed to the Brockville Police Service where he held and later released with several conditions and given a future court date.